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Trumbull Preventive Dentistry

Providing Dental Checkups, Fillings, & More

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In addition to regular brushing and flossing, visiting a general dentist every six months is a great addition to anyone’s routine dental care. If you’re in the Trumbull, Connecticut area, the talented Dr. Scott D. Cohen would be happy to help you during a general dentistry appointment. To schedule an appointment, please call us today!

During your general dentistry examination, Dr. Cohen will check each of your teeth for any signs of decay. Should he find any cavities, it will be no trouble for us to treat you with natural-colored fillings. Please rest assured that we will do everything that we can to safeguard your oral health. After the exam, one of our talented registered dental hygienists will give your smile a deep cleaning, which removes tartar and plaque buildup. Coming to Trumbull Smiles every six months as recommended by the American Dental Association can help preserve the well-being of your teeth.

Are you in your late teens or early twenties? If so, your wisdom teeth may be growing in. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that your mouth has room for these molars. To eliminate the pain and complications associated with wisdom teeth, Dr. Cohen can perform a wisdom teeth extraction. Visit the wisdom teeth extraction page to learn more.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment at Trumbull Smiles, please contact our office today. We regularly see patients from Trumbull, Bridgeport, Milford, Stratford, Shelton, Milton, and nearby Connecticut towns. Will this be your initial visit to our practice? If so, please take a few minutes to go over our new patient page, which contains helpful information and mandatory forms. Would you like to learn about other ways that the friendly team at Trumbull Smiles can help your oral health? If so, please click here !

Why Choose Trumbull Smiles for Preventive Dentistry?

  • State-of-the-Art Digital Technology For Advanced Diagnostic Care
  • We See Whole Families
  • Dental Insurance Welcome & Affordable Financing Available

Dental Checkups & Cleanings

Dr. Cohen strongly recommends that patients schedule checkups and cleanings at least twice in a calendar year, or once per every six months on average. Why? Because even the most diligent brushers and flossers may still experience potentially serious dental problems that need a trained eye. Our team will perform a comprehensive evaluation and pinpoint any damage or decay right away so that the treatment process is as minimally invasive as possible. Additionally, a revitalizing cleaning with one of our talented hygienists will get rid of harmful plaque/tartar and leave the teeth nicely polished.

Periodontal Therapy

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Gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) starts small – you may notice some light blood in your spit after flossing, or maybe your soft tissue seems a little overly puffy. These warning signs definitely shouldn’t be ignored, though, because this common infection can quickly spread out of control and even threaten the livelihood of your teeth without intervention. Periodontal screenings are a vital part of every checkup here in Trumbull, and we can provide focused treatment as needed to refresh the gum tissue and strengthen smiles.

Dental Sealants

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The premolars and molars (back teeth) contain deep grooves and pits in their chewing surfaces, which can trap harmful food particles over time. This is especially dangerous for younger patients, who may still be learning how to keep these hard-to-reach areas of the mouth clean with a toothbrush and floss. Thankfully, dental sealants are available here in Trumbull. This quick, easy “guard” seals into place over the teeth and blocks out decay-causing agents from settling in place for years at a time, reducing the patient’s overall risk of cavities.

Sports Mouthguards

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If you or your child regularly plays sports where physical contact is a likely possibility, we strongly recommend the use of a custom-made oral appliance from Dr. Cohen. Unlike the “one size fits all” appliances you’d find at the local store, our designs are based off the wearer’s unique mouth for optimal comfort and stability. These high-quality mouthguards are also flexible enough to allow for easy breathing and speaking while out on the court or field.

Nightguards for Bruxism

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Do you often wake up in the morning with lingering jaw pain? Do the surfaces of your teeth seem strangely flat or worn-down over time? These are tell-tale signs of bruxism, which is more commonly referred to as “teeth grinding.” This bad habit negatively affects children and adults alike, and many patients don’t even realize it’s happening because they only clench and grind while sleeping. Don’t worry, though – a custom-made nightguard from Dr. Cohen can help prevent dangerous contact by establishing a strong, comfortable barrier between the rows of teeth.

Oral Cancer Screenings

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Many patients don’t realize that their dentist can actually be the first line of defense against oral cancer! Dr. Cohen has integrated dedicated screenings into every regular checkup, carefully scanning the tissue for strange crusts, slow-healing sores, white or red discoloration, and other potential indications of abnormal cells. The earlier this cancer is discovered and correctly diagnosed, the better chances are that you’ll experience a safe and successful recovery.

Fluoride Treatments

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Years of dedicated research have demonstrated a crystal-clear link between safe, regular exposure to fluoride and fewer instances of cavities, especially in children. This natural mineral is added to countless oral hygiene products and even the water you likely drink out of the kitchen sink at home, but sometimes, this exposure isn’t enough to fully reap the benefits. At Trumbull Smiles, Dr. Cohen often recommends fluoride treatments as a part of routine cleanings, which will offer an extra boost of strength to you or your loved one’s pearly whites.

Children’s Dentistry

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At Trumbull Smiles, we love being able to make ongoing dental care convenient and stress-free for busy families by seeing treating everyone in one location, including the youngest members! Our team is very kid-friendly and loves helping your son or daughter have early positive experiences at the dentist’s office, providing gentle checkups, tooth-colored fillings, dental sealants, fluoride treatment, and other services that will help their developing smiles thrive well into adulthood.